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GEMS International School Cairo

We are very excited and pleased to officially open GEMS International School Cairo. Located in Rehab 2, and under the renowned GEMS international network, we are thrilled to finally open the doors of our purpose-built, high tech, environmentally conscious school!  Using the American curriculum based AERO standards while aspiring to be a full International Baccalaureate program school (PYP, MYP, IBDP), we have opened our early years, primary, and middle years programs through Grade 8 in 2022-23, added Grade 9 in 2023 and will continue to add upper grades in subsequent years with a projected enrollment of 1400 students.

Our full education, operations, administrative, and leadership team is now in place, ready to ensure that GISC provides a world-class educational experience for our students and families.


Our school is notable for its emphasis on inclusion and diversity, future-thinking technology skills, and most importantly, developing impactful global citizens with a mission to serve our world: Inspiring Leaders, Future Thinkers, Fearless Explorers, Diversity Ambassadors.


As a GEMS Education school, we believe there is a ‘Genius in Every Child’. We are nurturing an ecosystem and infrastructure to draw out potential and training educators by the best to be the best.

Our admissions for 2024-25 are now open with seats for PreK through Grade 10, and we invite you to join both local and international families who aspire to a premier international education for their children.

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