Elementary School

Our program develops students’ academic, social, and emotional wellbeing encouraging every student to have a voice, choice, and ownership in their learning where student engagement is valued and recognized as an integral part of effective learning. 

The Program is committed to transdisciplinary learning where students learn to appreciate the knowledge, conceptual understanding, skills, and personal attributes through transdisciplinary themes. This provides authentic and real-life contexts for students to build an understanding of themselves, their community, and the world leading to students reflecting on  the significance of their learning to take meaningful action in their community and beyond. 

This fosters curiosity offering an inquiry-based and concept-driven transdisciplinary model of learning and teaching. The students create meaning for themselves and build understanding through exploring real-world issues and learn to communicate in a variety of ways. 

It is an interactive and hands-on curriculum engaging students with real-world applications and global, cultural conversation enabling them to gain an invaluable intercultural understanding, applying new concepts to the real world, making the curriculum more tangible and relatable to them. Life skills are incorporated along with academics through the encouragement of interpersonal skills, self-management, and strong communication equipping the students with lifelong skills. These become second nature to them while attending to their individual needs, and gives the students an exceptional preparation for what is to come. 

The students are encouraged to inquire for themselves, be confident in their abilities and ask questions, seeking answers for themselves, and developing creative solutions. They are taught how to learn effectively using critical thinking skills, organizational skills, research, and cooperation which build a solid foundation for the rest of the student’s academic career. 




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