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It is quite common to hear about students learning through play, but what does that mean at GISC?


As our young geniuses start to embark on school, it is important to make sure they are learning through experiences, as this will help leave an unforgettable understanding as they develop.


Using preset targets, the teachers create memorable tasks and projects for the students to navigate. Scaffolding all subjects and technology throughout the week allows students to absorb multiple aspects of learning. 

Example lesson outline:

Students walk into the class, and they can see a huge beanstalk in the corner of the class, some very big shoes at the bottom of the stalk, a few pieces of gold, and an axe. We allow the students to investigate the scene and brainstorm some theories. We prompt the students to take some measurements, identify the objects and their uses, and finally record a hypothesis of what this scene represents.


As there are multiple perspectives, we narrow them to only 3 suggestions and explore each one. Over the week we write out theories, make posters with computers, and examine the cause of this scene. If you haven’t guessed it already, we have reenacted parts of the Jack and the Beanstalk story.


Specialist classes are also involved: in French/German/Arabic lessons, we explore the names of the items, in PE we learn how we can climb the beanstalk, in Art, Design and Technology we create a stronger beanstalk, and through social studies we learn about the origins of the story. So, what have the children learned? Teamwork, Math skills, Physics, Science, Vocabulary, negotiation techniques, graphics, History, and inquiry to name a few.

Years of research have proven that children learn best through experiences, and that’s what GISC is providing to our geniuses. 

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