Hanady Fawzy

Head of Early Years

Name: Hanady Fawzy

Years of Experience: 20 years

Role: Head of Early Years

Qualifications:  Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from City University (USA), she also gained her PGCE (The Post Graduate Certificate in Education) from Sunderland University (UK). A children's story writer and a known comical actress on stage for her students, Hanady makes students learning extremely engaging.

Hanady was born in Poland and has lived in many countries including Australia, USA, Greece, Qatar, Poland, Russia and Hong Kong. In turn, this has exposed her to different cultures, several educational systems and various lifelong skills that has been an asset throughout her teaching and leadership career as she has a deep understanding of the various cultures.

Countries worked in beforeRussia, Poland, Qatar, Egypt and China.

Next Steps